10th online film festival "T@KE TWO"

2nd of April

Main competition. Eternal life of Alexander Christoforov.

        Comedy. Director: Evgeny Shelyakin. Cast: Alexey Guskov, Oksana Fandera, Timofey Tribuntsev. 2018. 104 min.

        Christoforov used to be a movie-and-stage star once ago. Now he works as a resort’s amusement park animator.

Stage play intermission. Free wind of a dream.

        Jazz-fantasy. Director: Zhanna Zherder, conductor: Konstantin Khvatynets, choreographer: Igor Maklov. Starring: Artem Makovsky, Alexander Babik, Yulia Goncharova, Elena Ionova.

        The Moscow Operetta Theatre’s play is dedicated to the first USSR musical comedy release  "Merry Fellows " (1934) which production took place in the beginning of Great Purge historical period.

Short film competition. Water in the hand.

        Written and directed by Alexandra Sashneva. 2018. 25 min.

        Katya is a typical wishful thinker creating funny hand-made dolls…

3rd of April

Main competition. After you’re gone.

        Drama. Director: Anna Matison. Cast: Sergey Bezrukov, Anastasia Bezrukova, Alyona Babenko, Vladimir Menshov. 2016. 119 min.

        Alexey Temnikov is an arrogant gifted dancer with no current opportunity of performing. Both bad temper and talent turn his life into total loneliness.

Stage play intermission. Free wind of a dream.

Short film competition. Rusiano.

        Comedy. Director: Andrey Bulatov.

        Andrey is a bar waiter working to support his pregnant wife and saving up for own business start-up. But life is going to teach him a cruel lesson…

4th of April

Main competition. Witnesses.

        Drama. Written and directed by Konstantin Fam. Cast : Oksana Fandera, Filipp Yankovsky, Vladimir Koshevoi. 2018.104 min.

        A string master creates and presents a jewish boy a unique violin which survives through great tragedies of 20th Century.

Stage play intermission. 8 women.

        Alexander Zhurbin’s musical based on a criminal comedy "8 women" by Robert Thomas. Novosibirsk Musical Theatre play. Director: Mikhail Zayets. Conductor: Mark Pevzner. 120 min.

        Several women are planning to celebrate the Christmas Eve in an out town cottage, however, a party gets tarnished by finding the cottage owner Marcel’s dead body in his room.

Short film competition. The last leaf.

        Drama based on the O. Henry’s novel. Director: Ekaterina Uvarova. 25 min.

        As Leila’s grandmother dies, the girl finds her grandfather getting tough form of depression.

5th of April

Main competition. Kak ya stal…

        Drama. Director: Pavel Mirzoev. Cast: Pavel Tabakov, Olga Lerman, Roza Hayrullina, Sergei Puskepalis. 2018. 100 min.

        A story of a young boy’s personalization, growing old, falling in love, and facing reality for the first time.

Stage play intermission. 8 women.

Short film competition. Yakov in snows.

        Drama. Written and directed by Dmitry Orlov. 2019. 30 min.

        There’s so much one can find in Russian soul: saving light and neverending latitude… dark places, fatality, and death wandering around.

6th of April

Main competition. Workshop.

        Literary etude. Written and directed by Vladimir Alenikov. 2017. 74 min.

        A piece filmed in Nikita Mikhalkov’s Academy tells about an acting course classmates’ meeting in 5 years after graduation.

Stage play intermission. Dead souls.

        Alexander Pantykin’s "Light-Opera" based on Nikolai Gogol’s stories. Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of The Musical Comedy (Ekaterinburg). Director: Kirill Strejnev, conducter: Boris Nodelman, choreographer: Sergey Smirnov.

        Gogol’s "Dead souls" character Chichikov is a good looking flirt of N town where he arrives for Khlestakov (the character of Gogol’s "The Government inspector")…

Short film competition. Spring.

        Comedy. Written and directed by Natalia Konchalovskaya. 23 min.

        Marina comes to her daughter Olya for her birthday… however, the mom’s surprise visit is not quite joyful for Olya… this is where a young unintelligible man called Artem suddenly appears in the story…

7th of April

Main competition. Jumpman.

        Drama. Written and directed by Ivan I. Tverdovsky. Cast: Denis Vlasenko, Anna Slyu, Danil Steklov. 2018. 88 min.

        Having been abandoned by his mother as just been born, Denis gains a unique skill not to feel pain in life.

Stage play intermission. Dead souls.

Short film competition. The Collar.

        Drama. Director: Victoria Runtsova. 2017. 23 min.

        A girl buys a collar and discovers how it usually goes when bought items dictate the owner their own "style" of life.

8th of April

Main competition. No Strangers.

        Drama. Director: Vera Glagoleva. Cast: Tatyana Vladimirova, Sanjar Madi. 2018. 78 min.

        Mila comes back to her home town having failed to "conquer" Moscow city and finds out her sister is getting married to a young and pretty Central Asian.

Stage play intermission. Scarlet sails.

        Maxim Dunayevsky’s musical based on the Alexander Grin’s story "Scarlet sails". Director: Dmitry Belov. Produced and arranged by Evgeny Zagot. "Russkiy musical" company.

        Love story of captain Grey and beautiful young Assol expressed in a steampunk music interpretation filled with director’s improvs of beloved book.

Short film competition. Success.

        Comedy. Written and directed by Valentin Suntsov. 2018. 8 min.

        Life is unpredictable: it’s not always clear at once who is the real king and who just fits an entourage…

9th of April

Main competition. Forest.

        Drama. Written and directed by Roman Zhigalov. Cast: Oleg Shibaev, Natalia Rychkova, Oleg Feoktistov, Maria Avramkova, Vladimir Malyugin, Sergei Shekhovtzov, Sergei Shanin. RZ Studio. 2018. 97 min.

        Danila is a 16-year-old young man. He spends hours watching 30-with-something Katja from an old log house at the edge of the woods, however never meant to try to approach the lady. Everything changes as Danila's father hints on Katja trying to get a life's routine relief. Father and son find themselves involved into a chaos where blood relations no longer dominate over rivals, friens, and foes identification.

Stage play intermission. Scarlet sails.

Short film competition. No accident-s.

        Literary etude. Director: Vladimir Kvetnoy. 20 min.

        Accidents are not coincident - these are typical words to justify lives of strangers weirdly crossing and colliding.

10th of April

Stage plays’ display repeat

11th of April

Stage plays’ display repeat. Closing ceremony.

12th of April

An award winner pieces’ display.

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