Program of the 11th online festival T@KE TWO



April 2 - THE END OF THE SEASON. Drama. Dir. Konstantin Khudyakov. 94 minutes 2019.16 + English subtitels

Starring Yulia Snigir, Yulia Peresild, Anna Chipovskaya, Evgeny Tsyganov, Sergey Koltakov.

Three sisters live in a small Lithuanian town and, like the heroines of the Chekhov drama, dream of Moscow. But the morals of post-Soviet Russia will be felt here too ...

April 3 - SUNDAY. Drama. Dir. Svetlana Proskurina. 82 minutes 2019.16 + English subtitels

Starring Alexey Vertkov, Vera Alentova, Vladimir Ilyin, Alexandra Rebyonok.

A note comes to the protagonist: "You will die soon." Someone"s ridiculous joke", he decides and continues to deal with the routine affairs scheduled for this Sunday. But events will go according to a different scenario...

April 4 - Theater break. TURANDOT. Opera by Giacomo Puccini. 12+ In Italian, Russian subtitels.

Helikon-Opera Theater, Moscow. Directed by Dmitry Bertman. Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev. Starring Elena Mikhailenko (Turandot), Vitaliy Serebryakov (Kalaf), Dmitry Ponomarev (Altoum), Alexey Tikhomirov (Timur), Julia Shcherbakova (Liu), Peter Morozov (Minister Ping), Vitaly Fomin (Minister Pong), Ivan Volkov (Minister Pang), Alexei Dedov (Mandarin), Maxim Losev-Demidov (Executioner), Mikhail Demin (Prince of Persia).

There are two princesses, different faces of the same nature. One is beautiful, the other is vengeful, desperate, unable to abandon terrible memories ...

April 5 - JOKER. Dir. Alexander Kaurykh. 62 minutes 2017.12+ English subtitels

Grand Prix of the international festival "Cinema and Literature" in Gurgaon (India), 5 prizes of the festival in Los Angeles (Best film, Best director, lead actors, camera).

A comedy based on the story of Antosha Chekhonte (early Anton Chekhov) "A Woman Without Prejudice". Starring Oleg Tolkunov, Daria Shcherbakova, Dmitry Grinevich, Andrei Bazhin, Natalia Kovaleva, Dalvin Shcherbakov.

A young man is in love with a girl "from society". But here, as always, carefully hidden skeletons fall out of the closet, and a rival friend has a chance to upset the wedding ...

April 6 - SIS. Dir. Alexander Galibin. 94 minutes 2019.12+ English subtitels

Drama. Starring Arslan Krymchurin, Marta Timofeeva, Yusuf Rakhmetov, Ilgiz Gilmanova.

As much as little Yamil remembers himself, there has always been war. One day, a mother brings a silent girl from the city...

April 7 - Theater break: ROMAN HOLIDAYS. Novosibirsk Musical Theater. Golden Mask Prizes: the best performance in an operetta / musical, the best director (Philip Razenkov). 12+

A musical based on the movie by William Wyler. Music by Andrey Krotov. Director - Philip Razenkov. Conductor - Alexander Novikov. Starring Anna Stavskaya (princess), Alexander Kryukov (reporter Joe Bradley), Nikita Vorobyov (Irvin Radovich, photo reporter), Svetlana Dubrovina (maid of honor), Vadim Kirichenko (hairdresser), Alexander Vyskribentsev (Mr. Hennessey), Elizabeth Dorofeeva (Big Mom).

April 8 - SEA BUCKTHORN SUMMER. Dir. Victor Alferov. 87 minutes 2018.12+ English subtitels

Life and tragic death of famous playwright Alexander Vampilov. Starring Andrey Merzlikin, Sergey Agafonov, Sergey Kaplunov, Anna Pereleshina.

Before gaining nationwide recognition, the young playwright from Siberia went through all the circles of the Soviet bureaucratic hell. On summer 1972 the playwright returns to Baikal Lake to stay there forever...

April 9 - ONCE IN TRUBCHEVSK. Dir. Larisa Sadilova. 80 min 2019.16 + English subtitels

Nominations for the Cannes International Film Festival-2019.

Starring Kristina Schneider, Egor Barinov, Yuri Kiselev, Maria Semenova.

Larisa Sadilova leads us to her native small town Trubchevsk, where everyone knows each other, and every life is in full view. And here is trucker Yegor: both to the house - so to his beloved wife, as to the flight - so to another beloved Anna. It"s impossible for him to break with either one, the impasse. Visit Trubchevsk: you will find yourselves in love with the town with its landscapes and people with their difficult choices.

April 10 - Theater break: JANE AIR. The musical. Moscow Operetta theater. 12+

A musical based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte. Composer Kim Breitburg. Director Alina Chevik. Conductor Konstantin Khvatynets. Choreography by Irina Korneeva. Starring Anna Podsvirnova, Igor Balalaev, Svetlana Krinitskaya, Elena Soshnikova, Ella Merkulova, Alexander Markelov.

The story of the orphan Jane reminds the story of Cinderella. Aunt with her daughters will become grotesque fiends of hell from the cartoon, and the harsh house of Rochester will turn into a kind of mysterious castle of the Beast.

April 11 - HIS DAUGHTER. Dir. Tatyana Everstova. 96 minutes 2016.6+ English subtitels

Cast: Sveta Portnyagina, Varvara Novogodina, Prokopiy Yakovlev.

Grand Prix and special prize of the jury of the "Window to Europe" festival (Vyborg, 2017), prize for the best debut of the Uralkinofest (Yekaterinburg, 2017).

First-grader Tanya lives with her grandparents in a Yakut village. The world, spreading around, seems perfect, it will always be so. But everything suddenly starts to change ... Tatyana Everstova"s pantheistic film is filled with poetically images of ancient Yakut legends, the film is very personal, associated with childhood memories.

April 12 - BATTLE. Musical drama. Dir. Anar Abbasov. 85 minutes 2019.6 + English subtitels

Starring Rinal Mukhametov, Anna Isaeva, Ekaterina Kukuy, Ilya Antonenko, Igor Mirkubanov.

Anton was born for street dance, his gambling team prevails in all battles, he is not only a dancer here, but also a choreographer. The catastrophe changes everything: Anton lives in the complete silence now. He will do everything to return to his beloved art.

April 13 - Theater break: BELY. PETERSBURG. Mystery. St. Petersburg Musical Comedy Theater.

Composer George Firtich. Libretto by Konstantin Rubinsky. Director Gennady Trostyanetsky. Conductor Andrei Alekseev. Choreography by Gali Abaidulov. Cast: Oleg Korzh, Vladimir Yarosh, Victor Krivonos, Elena Zabrodina, Ilya Viktorov, Andrey Matveev, Alexander Shaporov, Oksana Krupnova.

A musical based on the novel by Andrei Bely "Petersburg".

April 14 - ABOVE THE SKY. Dir. Oksana Karas. 104 minutes 2019.18+ English subtitels

Starring Taisiya Vilkova, Philip Avdeev, Polina Vitorgan, Daria Zhovner, Victoria Tolstoganova, Alexey Agranovich, Artem Nemov.

Summer at a country resort full of hopes and bliss. The girl"s attention was attracted by a mysterious guy with a mysterious past. She still does not know that this meeting will change her life forever ...


Out of competition

DAY OF WAR. Director Mikhail Slutsky, 80 min. 1942.

Script by Alexei Kapler. Operators Pavel Rusanov, Vladislav Mikosha, Ivan Panov, Abram Krichevsky, Sergey Semenov, Solomon Kogan, Ilya Gutman, Alexei Lebedev, Gilvan Amirov, Alexey Kaznacheev, Vladimir Eremeev, Vladimir Suschinsky, Nikolai Nagorny, Peter Oppenheim, Garey Amirov ...

On June 13, 1942, Soviet cameramen began filming a grandiose project: 160 cameramen simultaneously along the entire front line, as well as in the rear, filmed the 356th day of the war. The documentary, released on October 22, 1942, became like a snapshot of the country at the time of its mortal battle with the enemy. Only one day of the great war ...

FRONT CAMERAMAN. Director Maria Slavinskaya. 21 minutes 1946.

A documentary about one of the front cameramen Vladimir Suschinsky.

April 16 - PREMIUM SCREENING OF FILMS and PERFORMANCES, winners of the 11th T@KE TWO


April 2 - PHOTO FOR HAPPINESS. Dir. Anna Mitafidi. 15 minutes. 2019.16 + English subtitels

Starring Aglaya Tarasova, Nikita Volkov, Elena Kramer.

Two people in love with photography and each other.

April 3 - ANNA AND VANO. BATH AND WINE. Screenplay and direction - Alex Nekto. 29 minutes 2017.16+ English subtitels

Cast: Timur Oragvelidze, Arnika Aluri, Roman Slatin, Natalya Pelekhatskaya.

Vano is the son of a Georgian winemaker, lives in Moscow and forgot family traditions. He will have to remember them when the collectors begin to demand repayment of the loan. The wine will be magical...

April 5 - EUTANASIA. Psychological study. Dir. Elena Brodach. 11 minutes 2019.16 + English subtitels

Cast: Olga Sutulova, Timothy Tribuntsev.

A doctor and an investigator are in the room. It is important for him to investigate the strange murder that this intelligent, calm woman committed.

April 6 - TEST DRIVE. The script and direction of Svetlana Vasilchenko. 20 minutes. 2019.18+ English subtitels

Cast: Alexey Shevchenkov, Svetlana Chigrina, Peter Stupin, Andrey Kozlov.

When a person is depressed, faithful friends will come to the rescue: they will arrange a funny, as it seems to them, rally, from which a nervous person can make ends.

April 8 - INTERVIEW. Dir. Ivan Sosnin. 17 minutes 2018.12+ English subtitels

Golden Eagle Award for Best Short Film, 2020.

Cast: Alexei Serebryakov, Marina Vasilieva, Julia Aug.

Sonya, a student, decides to find her father who has abandoned her family and interview him.

April 9th. NATIVE. Dir. Irina Bass. 20 minutes. 2019.16 + English subtitels

Starring Ksenia Alferova, Irina Alferova, Lyudmila Chursina, Margarita Dyachenkova.

During journalistic investigation, Veronica makes an unexpected discovery that sheds light on the secrets of her own destiny.

April 11. FUEL. Fantasy. Dir. Mikhail Arkhipov. 24 minutes 2019.16 + English subtitels

Starring Nikita Kukushkin.

Grand Prix - Kinotavr festival, Sochi.

The hero sets off in search of fuel for a stalled tractor, but around the wasteland is the wind.

April 12th. NAIL. ACTION. Dir. Rail Karimova. 16+ English subtitels

Two ultra-short comedies.

April 14th. SOLO. Dir. Konstantin Abaev. 20 minutes. 2018.12+ English subtitels

Cast: Dmitry Volkov, Vladimir Tatosov, Eugene Kregzhde, Andrey Filippak, Marina Konyashkina.

The hero is a talented neurosurgeon. A black streak began in his life: he lost his family in a car accident, and he is given a dangerous diagnosis. A terrible dilemma: to save the life of a patient or his own?

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